Sushi Types

In this article, we’ll look at four common types of sushi and what you should be eating in their place.

When ordering sushi, keep in mind that what you see on the menu may not be what you get.

74% of the fish sold in sushi restaurants in the United States is mislabeled, which means you’re getting a different fish than what you ordered.. According to Oceana, a marine conservation organisation, this was found in a 2013 study.

As a result, how do you differentiate between the two? Transparency in the seafood industry may be improved with the introduction of new tracking technology for fishing boats. However, until that becomes the norm, it is your responsibility as a customer to be aware.

According to Oceana’s findings, the following four types of sushi should be avoided:

1. Salmon from a pristine body of water

One of the best ways to avoid fake fish in sushi is to eat salmon. Salmon, on the other hand, is frequently marketed as “wild” when it is actually farmed, allowing the producer to charge a premium for it.

Salmon from Alaska or the Pacific Ocean

Since Pacific or Alaskan salmon is more difficult to locate and less likely to be farmed, Atlantic salmon is commonly referred to as “Pacific” or “Alaska” salmon.

2. Fish such as white tuna

According to Oceana, 71% of the tuna sold in sushi bars and restaurants is mislabeled. White tuna is the most frequently counterfeited type of tuna.

According to Inside Edition, white tuna is frequently substituted for escolar, a fish known as the “Ex-Lax Fish” because of its potential to cause intestinal problems. Because the substitution of white tuna with escolar is so common (85 percent of Oceana’s samples tested), many people consider the two to be interchangeable. Despite the fact that many casual sushi eaters have only ever eaten escolar when ordering white tuna, this fish swapping is actually illegal in the US (although it is rarely enforced).

3. Snapper, the red variety

Oceana found that 92% of the snapper it tested had been mislabeled. In total, Oceana discovered 33 different species being sold as snapper when they weren’t, such as rockfish, tilapia, and a variety of snapper varieties (yellowtail snapper labelled as red snapper, for example).

It has gotten so bad that Sushi Nakazawa in New York City no longer serves red snapper because of supplier fraud concerns. These are four common types of sushi and what you should be eating in their place. It’s delicious to eat

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