Sushi is a well-liked cuisine that attracts diners from all over the world. If you like fish, rice, and seaweed wrapped around it, sushi is a tasty and quick snack or meal that you might enjoy. The history of sushi is fascinating, and there are numerous types of sushi and preparation methods to choose from London Mistress

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Where Did Sushi Come From?
To extend the shelf life of fish, the Japanese invented sushi in Southeast Asia by soaking it in fermenting rice. A character that means pickled fish with rice and salt can be found in a 4th-century Chinese dictionary. Salted fish preserved in fermenting rice was discovered by people through a picking process when placed in fermenting rice. This was the first form of sushi ever created.

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Lactic acid bacilli are released during the fermentation process of cooked rice. Pickling the fish is accomplished through the use of bacilli and salt.

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