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Utilizing the best ingredients from both international and domestic sources, the Chef crafts a very tantalizing menu, 

such as experienced in only the finest Tokyo restaurants serving Edomae sushi.

YAKUZA SUSHI is a very chic and upscale restaurant that provides a uniquely relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy fine dining in a luxurious and very comfortable setting that washes away stress 

and worry from a busy day.

Enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail or just a “cool one’ to escape the hectic outside world, in our enclosed patio room. Warm and inviting, it provides a unique location for couples to enjoy each 

other before partaking in a fantastic dining experience. It also provides an enjoyable social location for clients waiting on friend arrivals to relax, unwind, and work up an appetite.

Enter the cultured dining area. Enjoy the unique architectural design which blends a mixture of Japanese Bamboo accents with the modern contemporary style. 

The dining area is a feast for the eyes and you observe the intricate construction. 

Choose a comfortable desk or take a seat at the Chef’s counter to get a better view of him preparing your meal. 

His skill with the cutlery will simply amaze you.

Whether an Edomae novice or a self-proclaimed sushi foodie, you will depart the YAKUZA SUSHI understanding that you have just added to your life chapter the ultimate in dining pleasures available from the mysterious Orient.

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